The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 2nd May 2017
Post-production completed 17th June 2017

Running time 20 minutes
My continuing interest in monuments and obelisks brings me to the North Yorkshire village of Cowling . This walk is in another area of the South Pennines , which passes through the hamlet of Ickornshaw and along a small section of the Pennine Way . The monument, which drew my attention to this walk, is known as Wainman’s Pinnacle on Earl Crag, but it is not the only monument to be found in this fantastic location. ....
Filmed in the South Pennines in the county of North Yorkshire . Locations include Cowling , Ickornshaw, Wainman’s Pinnacle and Lund’s Tower .
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Background and production details
Another walk in my “ South Pennines Walks ” book featured Ickornshaw and Earl Crag in a part of North Yorkshire I wasn’t familiar with, quite close to the Lancashire border. I could see that this walk visited two monuments, i.e. Wainman’s Pinnacle and Lund’s Tower , so I just had to make a film of this one!

The first week in May 2017 was the May Day Bank Holiday week, so as is always the case, I was on holiday for the week. I decided to go out filming on the Tuesday, as I hoped it would be less busy than the Bank Holiday Monday. As with my recent trip to Burnley , I got up at 5:00am and travelled to Cowling in North Yorkshire, where this walk would start and end. I parked on Gill Lane beside the village church and began the day’s filming here at around 8:00am. Filming and walking I followed a little of the Pennine Way from Ickornshaw, crossing the busy A6068, then climbing up towards Lumb. Leaving the Pennine Way here I dropped down into a quiet valley then climbed up the other side to reach Piper Lane. I followed this for some way until I reached a parking area with a footpath leading to Wainman’s Pinnacle.

I spent a large amount of time capturing many fantastic shots of the monument and the views from Earl Crag on which it stands. The joy was not over as I could see Lund’s Tower, the second monument, in the distance just a little way along the crag. Thankfully, as I had hoped, there were not too many people walking around here today, so I was able to film lots of great shots around the tower including scenes of me at the top of it from below. I sat on a bench just below Lund’s Tower to eat my packed lunch then eventually moved on, dropping down to follow Dick Lane back into Cowling. The last shots of the day’s filming where along Cinder Hill Lane leading back to Cowling Church, from where I was able to capture some long shots of Earl Crag with the two monuments in the same frame, which had been difficult to do whilst I was up on the crag earlier. My final shots were in the can by about 2:05pm.

​I had a few musical themes in my head, most of which I was saving for this film, “Crag of Cowling”.  For the scenes of me walking from Ickornshaw to Piper Lane I created a soundtrack with chiefly the VP soft string voices, my favourite sounds from my keyboard. I recorded a dramatic theme for the sequences featuring Wainman’s Pinnacle, and although I created an equally dramatic theme for Lund’s Tower I added an additional piece of music using some a couple of brass sounds, which made the theme a little brighter.

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