The Solitary Rambler

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Filmed 5th October 2016
Post-production completed 15th January 2017

Running time 17 minutes
I travel to the village of Danby to enjoy another walk in the  North York Moors . It is a very windy day, so the walk proves to be a little challenging at times, especially when crossing the bleak Ainthorpe Rigg. However, the scenery more than compensates for that, which gets better and better as I descend into the quiet and dramatic Little Fryup Dale .....
Filmed in the North York Moors in the county of North Yorkshire . Locations include Danby , the Moors National Park Centre , Ainthorpe , Ainthorpe Rigg, Little Fryup Dale , Danby Castle and Duck Bridge.
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Background and production details
For my third day in the  North York Moors    during October 2016 I decided to visit the village of Danby . I came across a walk in my book that began at the nearby Moors National Park Centre and took in Ainthorpe Rigg and Little Fryup Dale , so I decided to film this and include Danby at the start.
On Wednesday 5th October 2016 I drove from Hutton-le-Hole over the wonderful, bleak Blakey Ridge to Castleton where I stopped for a few supplies before driving on to Danby a few miles beyond. Parking the car here for a while I walked around to capture shots of the village. Driving on to the nearby Moors National Park Centre I parked up here for the day as this would be the start and end of the walk. I followed the path from the car park, crossed the River Esk and railway line and eventually reached the village of Ainthorpe . From here I climbed up to the bleak (and very windy) Ainthorpe Rigg. Due to the wind I really had to firmly hold on to the camcorder and tripod whilst I was trying to film!
Dropping down into Little Fryup Dale I followed the dale as far as the ruins of Danby Castle . Walking along the lane from here I wanted to film Duck Bridge, but there was a large party of schoolchildren here at the time of my arrival, so I had to just be patient and wait for them to move on before I could do any filming. After capturing the bridge I carried on back to the National Park Centre where my day’s filming finished. I packed away my camera and then had a look around the centre, which was very interesting. Driving back to my digs in Hutton-le-Hole I past the Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge, to where I decided to return that evening to dine. The food was good, I had the chef’s own beef curry, and the pub itself was really nice, large but felt very cosy, and of course its remote location being second to none​.

I had been humming a different version of “Purple Moors”, my North York Moors song, whilst I was out doing the walk, so during the editing later on I recorded this arrangement as the main soundtrack for “Dale of Danby”. I used the “shine on” voice on my keyboard for the chords and the “some hair” guitar sound for the variation of the “Purple Moors” melody. I also used an electric piano voice in some sequences as part of the background rhythm.

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